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Vajrapani, Buddha of Infinite Power

In this wonderful 10-day thangka drawing & painting course you will learn to draw and color / paint Vajrapani, the Buddha of Infinite Power, according to the Tibetan-Buddhist thangka tradition, with the traditional coloring and thangka painting techniques.

Vajrapani has an active standing posture instead of the usual sitting meditation posture. In addition, he is deep blue in color, and the skin of a tiger has been wrapped around its waist, symbolizing its fearlessness.

Vajrapani’s hand gestures symbolize overcoming obstacles. He is adorned with jewels, but also with snakes, which he controls by the superior power of his compassion. He’s surrounded by flames of wisdom energy that come from all pores of his powerful body.

The Three Bodhisattvas Vajrapani, together with Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri, form together the “Three Great Bodhisattvas,” which represent the three most important qualities – Compassion, Wisdom, and Power– that you need to develop if you want to make progress on the spiritual path.

Do you prefer to draw/paint Chenrezig or Manjushri?
As Vajrapani is more suitable for advance students, you may also choose to draw Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion, or Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom instead. If you prefer this, after your registration please contact Carmen with your preferred Buddha so she can prepare this for you.

The course is suitable for everyone, from beginners (even without any drawing experience) to advanced. Thangka students may also choose to finish their other artwork during this course (and will of course receive these new grid proportions as well).

Advantages of a long thangka retreat:

In this 10-day painting course you can really go in-depth.

Including all nights and delicious Italian meals, with organic vegetables from own compound, freshly prepared every day with love

Meet students from different countries and make new friends

You really don’t need any drawing or painting experience. Carmen offers a lot of individual guidance, at your own level. An international group of people comes together for this special thangka drawing and painting retreat in Northern Italy, close to beautiful Verona and the Garda Lake. This annual course – that gives you the opportunity to really go in-depth- includes starting with a meditation in the morning and lectures & slides about the iconography and symbolism in Tibetan Buddhism. You will also have time to fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this place and their delicious Italian cuisine (vegetarian). The vegetables are produced organically on the compound.
Halfway during the retreat there will be an afternoon off so you can taste the best ice cream in the nearest village of Arco, visit the Garda lake, hike in the mountains or have a great walk to ‘Castello’, the medieval castle on top of the hill overlooking Arco.

The teachings are given in English, and when needed can be translated in Italian by one of the advanced Italian students.

Course fee: Full retreat €315 (incl. VAT); Half retreat 12-16 June or 17-21 June €175 (incl. VAT)



ganzen Kurs: Full retreat €315 / halben Kurs: Half retreat €175
(+ 15 € Mitgliedsbeitrag)

June 5


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