Meeting authentic teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition

We organise courses and study programs with qualified teachers from east and west in which beginners as well as experienced students can learn about Buddhist philosophy and style of living.
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Group retreats

In shorter and longer meditation retreats students can deepen their spiritual practice using silent or analytical meditation technics. These retreats are guided by Tibetan masters or experienced western meditation teachers.
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Individual retreats

Individuals can rent a quiet room with separate entrance and private bathroom for retreats lasting from 2 days to 3 months. The food is provided by the Centre, but retreaters may have to prepare their own meals at times. The best period for individual retreats is from January to March, as this is the quietest time of the year. Not recommendable are the months of May, July and August. Meditators can request individual retreat instructions if they wish to.
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Combining western and eastern paths of inner development

We offer experiential courses that combine various disciplines – for example bodywork, psychotherapy, the healing arts and art – with a meditative approach.
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Art and assistance

There is an art room, in which interested people can express themselves creatively – with or without advice from an art therapist. We also offer the possibility to receive assistance in one’s personal development through conversations or using creative expression or to discuss one`s spiritual questions.
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Renting our venue

Groups whose objectives are in harmony with those of the centre can rent our facilities for longer or shorter courses. The centre team provides the food for those groups.
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