Fri 02/06/2017 - Sun 11/06/2017


Learn how to draw & paint a thangka in Italy. Annual drawing and painting retreat in Northern Italy, close to beautiful Verona and the Garda Lake

In this long painting course, you will learn how to draw or paint a Buddha or (medicinal) plants according to the tradition of the Tibetan Buddhist Thangka.

An international group of people comes together for this special thangka painting retreat, where you really can go in-depth. The course includes starting with a meditation in the morning and lectures & slides about the iconography and symbolism in Tibetan Buddhism. You will also have time to fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this place and their delicious Italian cuisine (vegetarian). The vegetables are produced organically on the compound.
Halfway during the retreat there will be an afternoon off so you can taste the best ice cream in the nearest village of Arco, visit the Garda lake, hike in the mountains or have a great walk to ‘Castello’, the medieval castle on top of the hill overlooking Arco.

You don’t need any drawing or painting experience.
The teachings are given in English, when there are a lot of Italians there will be translation in Italian.

According to your wishes you can choose to draw the Buddha /plants (and color them with color pencils) or draw and and learn how to work with the special thangka painting techniques. You can also use this retreat to finish the drawings and paintings that you created in previous classes.
If you are unable to come for the full course, you can also join half the course.

In this 10-day painting course you can really go in-depth.
Including all nights and delicious Italian meals, with organic vegetables from own compound, freshly prepared every day with love.
Meet students from all over the World.
In Kushi Ling, the most beautiful Buddhist Centre of Italy, amidst the mountains and olive trees.
You can fly cheap to Verona or Milan. Great possibility to combine this retreat with vacation in Italy (e.g. to Lake Garda and Verona that are nearby).

Want to travel together with other participants?
From Amsterdam a few people travel with Transavia to Verona in the early morning, you are welcome to join. It’s also possible to meet up in Veronato travel the last part to Kushi Ling together (with public transport/taxi).

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