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LONG LIFE DEITIES White Tara – Amitayus – Namgyelma (Ushnisha Vijaya) A wonderful and in depth Thangka drawing and painting retreat – a video can be found on top of this page – at one of the most beautiful retreat centers in Italy, the paradisical Centro di Meditazione Kushi-Ling, close to the beautiful Garda Lake, in northern Italy. Great to combine it with a vacation in Italy! An international group of students will come together for this special retreat with thangka drawing & painting, meditations, slideshow & talks about the iconography in Tibetan Buddhism and to enjoy the wonderful environment of this center and great Italian dishes (vegetarian), of which the vegetables are organically produced on the compound. You don’t need to have drawing or painting experience to join! Teachings are given in English. When a lot of Italians join that don’t speak English, we will provide an Italian translator as well. In this long course you will be able to paint or draw one or more of the Long Life Deities: White Tara, Amitayus, and Ushnisha Vijaya (Tib.: Namgyelma) according to the Tibetan Buddhist Thangka tradition (scroll paintings). Experience in drawing/painting is not necessary. You can either choose to draw one or more of the Longevity deities with colored pencils or to paint one and learn how to work with the special thangka painting techniques.
You can also use this course to complete your previous thangka drawings and paintings.

Schedule: Saturday June 4, 7pm (19.00) starting with a welcome dinner, ending on Sunday June 12, after lunch Costs: € 240 + 8 nights of overnight stay & all meals (between € 33 and € 65 per night)

It is also possible to join half of the course: from Sat June 4 – Wed 8 or Wed 8 – Sun 12.
In half of the course you only have time to draw the subject in black and white (in a full course you can fully paint or color your drawing).
Price half course: € 135 + 4 nights of overnight stay & all meals (between € 33 and € 65 per night)

NOTE: If enough people are interested, Carmen can order a taxi from Verona Airport straight to Kushi Ling on June 12th, splitting the costs. If you are interested in this, please send an email to

Materials to bring: For drawing: at least 2 sheets of thick quality drawing paper 50x65cm, a long ruler, HB pencils (preferably mechanical pencils), eraser and color pencils (preferably a good brand like Prismacolor Premier)
For painting: when you would like to paint download here the List of Materials needed for the Thangka Retreat.

Carmen Mensink is an internationally renowned painter of Thangkas, the traditional Tibetan scroll paintings of Buddhas and mandalas.

Course fees:

240 €; 135€ half course (+ 15 Euros annual membership fee for non-members)

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27 May


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