The centre is situated in a quiet place in the rocky environment of Arco, which is located about 8 km north of Lake Garda in the Italian Province of Trento.

Il centro Kushi LingThe area is characterized by its exceptionally mild climate. Olive trees and cypresses give the place its distinctive southern atmosphere, which is contrasted by snowcapped alpine mountains.

The centre is surrounded by meadows, an organic vegetable garden and fruit trees. The house has been built in the traditional local style using exclusively natural materials.

There are two large meditation halls and 10 bedrooms, which can host up to 25 course participants. There is a lot of space to put up tents.

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Via Alle Fontane, 44
Loc. Laghel, 38062 Arco (TN)
Lake Garda – Italy

How to get to Kushi Ling


By Taxi

From Verona Airport to Kushi Ling, Arco you can book a taxi for around 130 euros for max. 3 persons, so you could share it with other students who go there. It takes about 80 min, please let them know the exact address when you book:

By Public Transport in 3 steps

In front of Verona Airport busses are waiting to bring you to Verona Station (Verona Porta Nuova), priceis around €4 which you can pay to the bus driver. They go multiple times per hour.

  1. Train from Verona Central Station (Porta Nuova) to Rovereto
    There are 3 types of trains: ‘regionale’ (slow train but cheapest, 60 min.), ‘regionale veloce’ (a bit faster, 48 min.) and ‘Frecciargento’ (a bit faster but more expensive, 40 min.)
    When you get the train ticket it’s good to mention the name of the train, especially if you want the cheapest train (‘Treno Regionale’) and you should not forget to stamp the ticket before you get onto the train. Also take some time to get the ticket, as the ticket rows can be busy.
  2. Bus 332 from Rovereto to Arco
    PDF with bus tables from Rovereto (Staz. S.F) to Arco (Autostaz.) till 26/06/2016:
    It takes 55 min. You can also take Bus 301.
  3. Taxi (or lift from somebody) Arco to Kushi Ling
    When you arrive in Arco you can take (or share with others) a taxi to Kushi Ling.
    If you cannot find a taxi, you can call a taxi at: +39-0464 – 514520
    For taxi service you can also call Antonella: +39-333 5963033 or +39-0464 518983
    The taxi driver most probably knows Centro di Meditazione Kushi Ling. If not, let him/her read this:
    “Dal centro città prendere la strada (a destra) verso Laghel. Arrivati alla chiesa Santa Maria di Laghel si prende la salita a sinistra e si segue tutta la strada (circa 3 km) fino alle Fontane: è l’ultima casa.”


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