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INTERNATIONAL RETREAT for experienced practitioners


The center is situated in a beautiful and stimulating environment conducive to practice both inside and outside of the large airy studio.  We will deepen perception of our response to nature which will aid and enrich our inner and outer witness practice in the studio.   Included within the Discipline of Authentic Movement as developed by Janet Adler there will be offered natural and organic principles Buddhist principles from vipassana mediation.  Beginning with the dyad form we will progress to collective body consciousness in relationship to unity consciousness with nature.  Within our work there will be an introduction to elements of Circles of Four mystical practice.


Marcia Plevin, American DMT-BC-DMT,  member and supervisor of APID, psychologist,  teacher and supervisor  DMT training Art Therapy Italiana,   Program director Chinese Inspirees Creative Movement program. A member of a Vipassana Buddhist sangha for many years, she has found similar routes to deepening consciousness in both practices. Author of numerous articles in specialised journals of dance movement therapy and Authentic movement. A member of the Faculty of Discipline of Authentic Movement Circles of Four.


For those AM practitioners who have not worked with Marcia Plevin previously, a zoom or skype interview is requested before registration.   Please call or write to set up an interview.

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There is a limited number of participants.



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Within a month of registration you will be contacted by Marcia Plevin


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