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Deepening the spiritual and ecological self: using practices of Authentic and Creative Movement in the studio and in nature

Retreat in English and Italian

The Ten Icons of the Buffalo is a series of pictorial images accompanied by philosophy created in the Zen Buddhist tradition to orient and indicate a developmental path to the creative and spiritual self. The buffalo, a sacred animal in different Asian cultures and within traditional texts, is often seen as a vehicle of knowledge and understanding associated with personal and spiritual growth.

Elements of Authentic Movement, Creative Movement, meditation, dance, visual art and creative writing are the practices that will indicate a path towards what is known as“Awakening”.We awaken to an ordinary consciousness every day. The sense of awakening here is opening to a more spacious inner attitude and inner listening one’s own life, in relationship to others and to nature.

What are the awakening pathways for change or transformation that this journey can offer?

Meditations, writings and visual art will be integrated with stillness, movement and dance practices. The power of nature, sound and music, as well as silence, will help us on our way through the icons to a more profound depth of knowing.

During the 4 and a half day retreat we will work within the order of the Icons: from the first: Searching for the Buffalo to the tenth: Entering the Marketplace.

We will experience and discover movement and meditations which will bring us to deepen awareness of our natural self.

The retreat begins July 25 at 3.00 p.m and ends June 30 at 2.00 p.m.

The Retreat is for whom?

It is not necessary that people interested in this work have had movement experience. What is asked for is that a path of self – knowledge has begun through spiritual /movement traditions or personal therapy. The participant comes with a beginner’s mind, curiosity and respect for oneself and others, courage to confront moments of “not knowing”. The course is developed and conceived for one’s own personal growth. The teachings can be applied in different professional areas such as the helping professions (mental/ physical), education, rehabilitation, physical health therapists.

Marcia Plevin, American DMT-BC-DMT, member and supervisor of APID, psychologist, teacher and supervisor dance movement therapy program Art Therapy Italiana, Program director Chinese Inspirees Creative Movement program. A member of a Vipassana Buddhist sangha for many years. Author of numerous articles in specialized journals of dance movement therapy and the Discipline of Authentic movement. Faculty, Discipline of Authentic Movement Circles of Four.

For those interested who have not worked with M. Plevin before a zoom or skype interview is requested before registration. Please call or write for the interview.

Contact Info: tel. 0039 3477143878

The retreat is being organised by arttrherapy italiana

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